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If a friend or relative makes a racist or homophobic remark, do you tend to confront them or let it slide? Are you more likely to confront them if it offends you directly or someone else who seems reluctant to speak up?

3. This happens all of the time. I confront some relatives, but I refuse to if they are drunk or watch Fox News. – Watch Fox News?!!!  This IS a racist or homophobic remark.

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Joan of Arcadia Opening Montage

Episode 3.01 - Lunch
Episode 3.02, L'Armée de Joan, Part 1
Episode 3.03, L'Armée de Joan, Part 2
Episode 3.04, The Outing, Part 1
Episode 3.05, The Outing, Part 2
Episode 3.06, Summertime, and the Livin' is Easy
Episode 3.07, Dance of Desire
Episode 3.08, Night of the Hunter, Part 1
Episode 3.09, Night of the Hunter, Part 2
Episode 3.10, Making Choices, Part 1
Episode 3.11, Making Choices, Part 2
Episode 3.12, Devil’s Night, Part 1
Episode 3.13, Devil’s Night, Part 2
Episode 3.14, Devil’s Night, Part 3
Episode 3.15, Remembrance Day
Episode 3.16, A Wonderful Gift, Part 1
Episode 3.17, A Wonderful Gift, Part 2
Episode 3.18, The Child, Part 1
Episode 3.19, The Child, Part 2
Episode 3.20, A Dark Night of Grace
Episode 3.21, The Mirror Ball
Episode 3.22, Dancing With The Moon

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